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Today has been a Monday, in every shitty sense of the word.  MONDAY.  Say it with me kids, and give it that swear-word swagger it deserves.

Josh and I have been at it all day.  He’s right, I’m wrong, I allegedly can tell him anything anytime, he keeps claiming all I have to do is wait and all the good things I really want will be right around the corner…


And now that we’re coming up on annual review season, I need to start writing some reflection pieces for work.  I hate this part.  What were my top 3 accomplishments for the year?  Uh, let’s see – that I didn’t kill anyone?  Does that count?

Anyway, today has not been my day.  Tomorrow remains to be seen.  All I’d really like right now is for this stress headache to pack it’s bags and hit the road and to get all of my chores done so that I can walk myself oblivious.  And that’s what I have every intention of doing.

I’ve setup a little spreadsheet for myself to track my walks and another to track weight.  I looked at a few apps for my phone to do such things, but this seems to make more sense right now.  It’s a start anyway.

Here’s hoping the evening is quiet and relaxing and that I don’t get too wet standing in the rain at the grill cooking Mom’s chicken legs tonight.