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You’ll be happy to know that I didn’t draw on my arms.  It was tempting, but the weather is allegedly warming up today and I didn’t feel that random lines of black Sharpie on my arms was an appropriate accessory for the office.  Damn this being a grown up.

Anyway, as usual, he came home and we talked.  Allegedly everything is ok now and it’ll be SUPER come the weekend.  Right.  So looking forward to that.  I’ll be doing all of the chores by myself and running the errands alone I’m sure.  He’ll either have to work all day Saturday or will be busy doing homework.  And I’ve decided that’s alright.  He’s got his life, time for me to start working on mine again.

I really do need to figure out the christmas present situation and get started on that.  I think I’ll look over my list later today and see what I can make of it.  Better to spread this stuff out some so that I don’t totally kill myself trying to get it all done in December while I’m working on finals.

I got most of my performance review stuff done.  I decided that “I didn’t kill any of these lousy motherfuckers” could better be expressed as “I gave superior customer service to the campus community.”  It’s all about the spin you put on it kids.  And since this has been rather a large pain in the ass, I’ve decided I’m going to setup a tracking sheet for this next year so that I can drop stuff in as I go and not have to try digging through the swiss cheese that is my brain and last year’s calendar at the same time.  Here’s hoping it helps.

There’s another installment of The Mental Girl’s Guide coming on Friday over at Knocked Over By a Feather.  If anyone has ideas for future installments, let me know.  My little brain is twisted, but I’d bet yours is, too.