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Local time is just now 1pm.  I’m off work at 2:45 to go see shrinky-poo.  After that it’s home to move laundry and see if I can’t squeeze my walk in before Josh arrives.  So far so good.

The presentation at noon didn’t happen.  I kind of suspected it might not, so I’m really not at all upset.  We advertised the session in every available campus outlet, so there’s no doubt that folks knew about it.  But it’s sunny today and mostly warm and just phenomenal outside.  If I had my way I wouldn’t be anywhere near this place.  My boss and 2 other colleagues came over and had lunch and we chatted for a bit, which was a nice way to break up the day.

Now I just need to get through until 2:45 and see what happens.

I doubt anything major will come of the visit with shrinky-poo.  This should just be a very routine med check since we did the change up last week.  I am going to remember to ask her about the other pills to have on hand just in case.

The more I’ve been thinking about it, the more I’ve realized that a good deal of the unpleasantness this week is just the whole getting used to a new routine business.  Josh and I go through this every time his school schedule changes.  I need some time to adjust to the changes and I’m not necessarily pleasant while it’s happening.  But he has been doing a pretty good job of trying to take care of me, and I need to start giving him more credit for that.  I actually find myself looking forward to seeing him this evening.

One hour, 40 minutes to go.  I can do this.