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It hasn’t really been a bad day, per se, just kind of a long day.  And I’m a lot more tired than I previously thought.  Not good.

Josh is still not feeling well.  It sounds to me like he’s got the whole body cold thing that I had a while back.  He’s coughing pretty good, blowing his nose a lot, and he aches all over.  I suggested to him that it’s bad enough we’re going to miss one day on his paycheck, perhaps he should stay home tonight and rest so that he doesn’t miss 2 days.  We really just can’t afford that.

So I’ve gotten to talk to him a little today and I’ll get to see him a little extra tonight.  I plan on putting both of us to bed early.  I’ve got to get a solid 8 hours of sleep or I’m going to go nutz.  I don’t have anything on my calendar yet tomorrow, but there is some work I really need to get done.  And it’s just not going to happen this afternoon.  If I could find a comfortable place to lay down and rest right now I totally would.