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This week’s episode of the Mental Girl’s Guide – To talking with your shrink.

I’m tired, really damn tired.  I slept sort of alright last night but I still don’t have a whole lot of energy.  Fortunately my boss is out this morning and it’s looking like it should be a light day.  I’ve got someone across campus having web page trouble again, but hopefully that won’t take long.  I need to get rolling on revising the class that can’t happen because of the bum software.

I’m at a point where I’m not sure how much of the tired is physical – from the lingering virus – and how much is mental – from all the drama lately.  I’m hoping some good rest this weekend will cure both and leave me feeling on top of things and ready for next week.

Summer is usually super busy for us.  I like that because it generally goes fast, but it means I really need to stay on top of my game and not lose my edge.  Plus I’ll be starting my first class at the end of this month.  I really need to be able to stay focused for all of this.

I’m hoping this weekend to get all of the chores done and have enough time to relax a little bit.  I haven’t touched a project in weeks now and I know that’s been part of my problem.  I just haven’t felt like I’ve had the energy to do anything extra.  I need to get back to taking care of me, and pronto.  I haven’t walked since Monday I think, and that’s starting to take it’s toll as well.  The better I take care of myself the better I know I’ll feel.

One of the things I know needs to get taken care of this weekend is the whole financial situation.  The lovely child support people finally caught up with Josh and have started taking their share out of his checks again, which is always lovely.  I need to go back and figure out how much we’re really bringing in a month now and what that’s going to look like with the new back taxes payment fiasco.  Fortunately his schooling is all paid for via loans and all I have to pay out of pocket for mine is books and fees, so I’m not terribly worried about that.  We actually got him all stocked up on school supplies when his last financial aid disbursement came and there’s money left over, which is totally going to save us for a few weeks I think.  I just really need to get us on a budget we can live with and then do it.  I don’t care how much he wants to spoil that brat when she comes over, no money means no money.

The moods haven’t been too terrible lately.  One of my friends pointed out to me that in some weird way it seems like Josh and I balance each other, and I totally think she’s right.  Must be why I continue to put effort into this marriage when another woman would have turned tail and ran.  I love him and I see what he’s capable of.  He just sometimes needs my size 11 wide boot up his ass to get there.