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Well, it hasn’t totally sucked.

Things in the mood department have been fairly stable.  I started the week completely irritated at Josh about the whole drinking unpleasantness from the weekend.  During the week I got good and pissed again because of the unpaid taxes.  But the normal little every day stuff we’d usually piss and moan about – totally didn’t happen.  I wasn’t upset about him having to go to school, I was alright with him being sick and then making me sick, I didn’t bitch about feeling neglected – none of that stuff that might have happened did.

Is this progress, or is it complacency?  Hard to say.

I do feel like I’m getting used to the school schedule already, and I know that helps.  Part of it this week is that since I haven’t felt good I haven’t given up any extra energy towards being unpleasant.  I haven’t pushed myself beyond my abilities.  I know I’m going to pay for that this weekend, but I’m really ok with that.  I’ll babysit the washer all weekend.  I’ll run all of the many chores.  And I’ll get Josh to help.

Most of all this weekend I’m going to get on this money situation and sort that shit out for good.  Nothing will ruin a marriage faster than bad financial planning.  Time to get on top of this mess and figure out how to make it work again.

I hope everyone has a restful weekend and a pleasant break from the daily grind.  Spend some time with the ones who make you happy.  Enjoy the good weather if you’re fortunate enough to have it where you live.  Be good to each other.