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I sincerely don’t understand how those of you who battle with constant daily pain do this.  I honestly can’t recall a time in my life – my whole life – where I hurt quite like this for this long.  None of these cyst things has ever been this bad or in this tender an area.  Literally everything I do makes it hurt.  I’ve had quite enough of this already.

How terrible must it be for my friends suffering from fibromyalgia?  Or those with other chronic nerve pain?  I just can’t even imagine what life must be like for you.  And I know this will get better – it will go away soon and I’ll be back to feeling alright.  How horrible must it be to be faced with the entire rest of your life one big torture session?

I try not to bitch and whine because I know that, for the most part, I’ve got it pretty good.  I move alright most of the time, I don’t ache, I can do the simple physical things I’d like to do on your average day.

I really do admire those of you who fight this kind of thing regularly.  I don’t think I could do it, I’m just not strong enough.

I’ve only got a few minutes left before I leave.  One more torturous trip to the ladies room and then the long walk to the car.  An even longer ride out to the doc’s office.  More sitting, more being uncomfortable.  Hopefully they have an answer, something that will help.  Sorry I’m whining.