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It’s not the usual culprit this time.  Oh no, this is called a Bartholin’s gland abscess.  It had to be drained.  Yuck.  Nothing like a doctor going after your delicate bits with a big ass needle.  And now it hurts worse, because it’s open.  It’s infected and has to drain.  If it doesn’t drain, I’ll have to have surgery.  Ain’t I lucky.

According to the doc this isn’t an uncommon thing.  And it usually goes away with a simple drainage treatment.  I have to go back on Wednesday to have it checked out again.  Until then I get to be very uncomfortable.

The thing that totally sucks is that it’s interfering with my sleep.  Because of where it’s located there just aren’t too many comfortable positions to get into.  And the Depakote is apparently giving me wild ass dreams at night.  I had dreams about everyone and their dog last night, crazy vivid dreams.  I woke up feeling just as tired as when I had laid down.

I don’t really know where this ride is taking me, I just hope we get there soon.  I’m really tired and there won’t be much of an opportunity to rest this weekend.  We have the brat again and I’m really not looking forward to it, especially if I’m not feeling better.  I’ve been trying not to be overly grumpy with anyone, but it’s hard when you hurt.

Thanks to all my friends who have been so supportive.  I don’t feel like my situation is usually bad enough to justify whining, but just a little seems to help sometimes.  Thanks for listening kids.