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Can’t say as I’m feeling all refreshed and ready to tackle the week or anything, but at least I don’t feel like utter garbage first thing on a Monday morning, and that’s sort of a pleasant change.

The thing at the other campus was alright.  Those gigs never really are my thing though.  I don’t enjoy sitting in stuffy rooms listening to folks talk about how their way of doing things is so much better than my way.  The getting there and getting home parts were alright – I rode down with my boss and one of our colleagues, so there was some good conversation.  In June we’ll be headed back down for another thing, which hopefully will be different.  This one is for all of the learning management system support people.  It’ll probably still suck.

I got home finally and Josh and I were able to spend some time together.  I told him if he really did expect me to have a good weekend with him that he’d have to help.  After a bit of a disagreement with my mom everything settled down and we had a fairly relaxed evening.  (our dishwasher died and that, combined with something insensitive that I said, made for a kind of tense time for a little bit)

We got up in the morning and got started right in.  We got all of the chores except one errand and a little bit of laundry done before we had to go get the brat.  We even ended up taking care of part of the stuff Mom would normally do because she was pressed for time with Grandma duties this weekend.  I was amazed at how fast it went with his help.

The weekend was pretty laid back, all in all.  We had some good time all three of us and some good time just the two of us.  I’m not even so much minding the fact that we’ll have the brat again next weekend.  We won’t get her until after Josh’s sister’s wedding reception, so it’s not like a full weekend anyway.

The sleep still seems to be kind of weird.  My dreams are just utterly crazy.  And I’ll wake up in the middle of one only to fall back asleep in the exact same spot.  I’m thinking it’s time to tell shrinky-poo about this.  I need to call her to get a refill of the Depakote anyway.