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That fucking iPod is still mocking me.  I’m remembering now why it never became a favorite toy of mine.

I got the tax stuff taken care of and got a nasty surprise.  It’s not going to be $350 per month, with interest it’s $379 per month.  Seriously?  So I looked over some old bank statements and got an idea of what Josh typically brings home (my check is always exactly the same) and looked at what we generally have to pay out in bills in a given month and just what kind of a gap there is between the two numbers.  IF everything lines up right and IF he gets at least 40 hours every week and IF we don’t have any unexpected bills then we MIGHT break even.

Of course I’ve gone to see the doc twice this last month and I know they’ll charge for both visits.  Josh has been complaining about his teeth again which means another dentist visit is in our future.  Both cars are about due for oil changes (I budget for that, but generally we don’t get out of there with just an oil change, there’s always something else).  And I’ll have to figure out how to pay for my school fees and books as that part isn’t covered under my employee scholarship.

No going out until he starts making more money.  No new clothes or shoes or books or tools or toys.  No taking the brat anywhere or buying anything for her.  No weekend away this summer.  No extra goodies at the grocery store.

No nothing.

The thing that really sucks – if I was on my own, I could afford to live quite comfortably.  I’d only have one car payment, one phone payment, my car insurance would be super cheap, my health insurance would be half what it is now…  I could take trips with my mom and go do the things I wanted to do, like regular pedicures.  I could really take care of myself instead of spending all my time taking care of him and his big ass collection of bills he brought with him.

But wait, it gets better still – he just texted and told me that they’ve run out of top coat and they’re sending his department home at lunch time.  Top coat – for the love of christ, how does a cabinet shop run out of fucking top coat???