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I’m home sick from work today.  I started coughing a little over the weekend and then yesterday at work it got kind of bad.  When Josh got home from school last night it got terrible.  I was awake more than I was asleep and I couldn’t hardly catch my breath a few times.  I made the executive decision this morning to stay home today and take it easy.

Right, easier said than done.

Josh dropped on me this morning that it was time to get him registered for fall classes, could I please do that for him.  Oh, he’d really like to be able to have some music to listen to at school, could I maybe load some stuff he’d like on the iPod.  And while you’re at it honey, just go ahead and take care of that tax stuff.

Excuse me?

I’m at home because I don’t feel well, not so I can do your fucking chores you should have taken care of over the weekend!

So, being the good mama I am, I started looking at the classes.  There’s just really no way in hell he can do any of this stuff and all not doing it will get me is having to listen to him bitch.  Fall registration opened on May 1 so of course all of the welding classes are full.  Yet again I went out and found the last 2 non-welding classes he can take and got him enrolled in those.

The iPod is mocking me.  It’s been several years since I messed with it and now I don’t remember what to do.  I may just beat it with something and hope that persuades it to behave.

The tax thing is a whole other issue.  I did some looking the other day and it seems as though we’ll have 24 months to pay off the debt, which comes out to not quite $350 per month.  Our budget is pretty tight right now as it is, I’m really not sure how I’m going to squeeze that much more out of it.  And it’s not as if either of us really has time to get a part time job right now.  Josh can sometimes work over time at his job, but not on the nights he has to go to school.  It just sucks.  I have convinced him that the best way to do this is to just go ahead and pay and not mess with trying to file back taxes.  If we went that route they’d likely want all of their money right then and there.  And I really don’t have $9000 just laying around.

The thing that really sucks right now is it seems like I never have time to myself anymore.  I rarely get the opportunity to take any, and even when I do, there’s a fuckload of other responsibilities I feel like I should be taking care of.  I really miss the time I used to get in the mornings, but there’s no way I could be getting up any earlier right now.  And I know it’s just going to get worse when I start school in a few weeks and have even more responsibilities heaped on me.

Remarkably, the moods lately still haven’t been too terrible.  Josh and I have minor upsets now and then, but we haven’t had any real problems in awhile.  I’m looking forward to having some time with him Memorial Day weekend – we’ll be brat free.  I just really hope he gets paid for that day since he’s working for the temp agency still.