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Wow, that was incredibly awesome…

The visit with shrinky-poo went pretty well as I’d expected it would.  She was very pleased to see how well I was doing and reassured me that things should continue to stay good.  She said my blood work had all come back right where she wanted it to.  I told her I’m a little less than motivated and she said that will probably sort itself out in the next few weeks, but if it doesn’t, there’s wiggle room with the Lithium.  I did remember to tell her about the twitch in my arm and she said that is still the Geodon and that it should go away soon.

Josh spent good amounts of time just relaxing together and getting things done.  All of the chores got taken care of, all but one of the errands got run, we went to a graduation party, had a few appropriate drinks together, watched some great movies, and had a delightful time.  We haven’t had a fight now in ages.  It’s been glorious.

Saturday morning Mom and I went for pedicures.  Since we rarely get time to go out and just do things together we turned it into a girls’ morning out and did a little shopping.  I got 2 great new outfits, compliments of Mom.  The best part?  While she and I were out doing our thing, Josh took it upon himself to handle most of the chores at home – without being asked.  Amazing.

I managed to get my homework done yesterday afternoon while Josh was taking some rental movies back.  I hope it’s alright.  It’s been a few years since I’ve done any academic writing.  This wasn’t really formal, just answering some questions about expectations and such.  It does seem like it’s going to be nice to have something to occupy a little of my time with.  And the more I think about what’s supposed to happen in this class, the more I’m looking forward to it.  It just feels kind of perfect.

The moods lately seem pretty perfect, too.  I don’t get overly grumpy or bitchy hardly at all any more.  I do seem to be able to push myself when there’s something that needs to be done.  And, maybe most remarkable of all, I’ve finally learned how to relax.  Sounds kind of weird, but I always used to feel like I constantly had to be in motion, doing something productive.  I’ve finally learned to appreciate the value of slowing down and enjoying doing nothing.  That, possibly more than anything else, has really helped my marriage.

Not so perfect right now is Josh’s ex wife.  We had made plans to have the brat and my nieces all over this weekend for a massive slumber party.  We got a shit-ton of craft supplies for the girls and were going to start doing stuff early in the afternoon and then all day on Sunday.  I got an email from the ex yesterday morning saying the brat has street hockey play offs this weekend and we might not be able to pick her up until late in the day on Saturday, depending on whether or not her team wins.  Of course, the one weekend we actually have plans.  I’d really like to just slap that bitch.

I’ve saved the best for last…


He sent me a text just a few minutes after he started telling me that today is orientation day.  I asked, to make sure, that he’d been hired and he said yes.  Not entirely sure if this means any real changes for us, but it definitely makes me proud of him.