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So I think I’ve mentioned that money is not good in our house right now, like really not good.  Josh just texted and told me he’s working Saturday 7 – 2.  In a normal week, this would be awesome – close to 7 hours of overtime.  However, since no one is paying him for Monday, it’s straight time.  So he’s pissed.  I’m not – it helps offset the loss of Monday’s pay.  I’m right on the verge of telling him to fucking suck it up.

This weekend is to be the big sleepover with the brat and my two nieces.  If the brat wins her hockey game Friday night she’ll play again Saturday at noon.  If she wins that game, she plays again at 2.  I had previously been hoping she wouldn’t win anything so that we could pick her up at her house as usual at 11.  Now…  Now I really hope she wins everything and we don’t pick her up until around 4.  Of course since that’s what I want, she won’t win a fucking thing.

And my poor mom – all my oldest niece keeps talking about is the sleepover.  How many days until it happens, what are we gonna do, are you sure (the brat) will be there, what are we gonna eat…  She’s 5, this is like her entire world right now.  And how terrible if even part of it gets postponed because of the brat’s fucking hockey bullshit?

I don’t really care if I don’t see Josh so much this weekend.  With him being in school so much lately and now all of this financial mess I just don’t mind so much that I’m not going to get a lot of time with him.  I’m actually trying to figure out how I could be gone or busy when he is around.  I’ll probably try to do some homework tomorrow night, which would help.  Not sure what all else I can pull off.