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  • The IRS does do payment plans.  I called and talked to a very nice woman yesterday who told me that if we file Josh’s return for 2010 that will knock $400 off the debt right away thanks to something called a Schedule M.  They were thoughtful enough to provide me with all of the numbers we need to do this.  We actually have more time than indicated in the letter – this was just a scare tactic, and since I called yesterday, they’ve made note that we contacted them once.  This is good for us.  Hopefully I can get all of this stuff taken care of the next weekend we don’t have kids in the house.  I’ve decided there is absolutely no point in getting Josh involved in anything dealing with money anymore – it’s just not his thing.
  • Josh getting hired full time is not as awesome as I’d thought it would be.  No one has told him yet if it involves a raise, but we suspect not.  The biggest change is that he’ll start earning time off, but not until after 90 days.  He’ll get paid for July 4th, but since he wasn’t technically employed anywhere on Memorial Day, no pay for that.  And he’ll be going to only getting paid every 2 weeks now instead of every week.  That’s how it was at his last job, but of course now we’ve gotten used to every week.  Sucks.
  • I’m tired, as usual anymore.  I had really kind of disturbing dreams about Josh last night and because of that I woke up a little off.  I think I was noticeably off this morning but he didn’t say anything.  Not sure if he’s trying not to rock the boat or just didn’t notice.  I’m thinking it’s not worth caring about.
  • My class starts tonight.  I feel as prepared as I can be.  I have all of my supplies with me, I’ve done the reading, and I’ve written the paper.  Now to see if I can stay awake the entire time.  It starts at 5pm and is scheduled to end at 9pm.  I’m usually asleep at 9.  This should be interesting.  I won’t take any of my pills until I get home, which I’m hoping will help, but I know I’ll still be tired.  I’m planning to remind my boss today about class tonight and tell her that I might be a few minutes late in the morning depending on how it goes.