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When you’ve known you needed something for TWO MONTHS it’s entirely not cool to tell me about it 3 days in advance.  Particularly not during the summer when I am balls to the motherfucking wall.  I’m trying to put together the pieces for two classes, one of them brand new, handle a regular support load, and do a hard core graduate class.

Poor planning on your part does NOT constitute emergency on my part, bitches.

I could probably crank this mess out in about an hour, but that would just encourage them to pull this shit again.  I told her I’m really busy trying to get these new classes out (totally true) and that I’ll try to have it done in time for Monday morning.  Her original email said that’s when she needed it and then when she dropped the full shit load of details on me she said she wanted it this afternoon.  No means no.

Things with Josh are square again, thank ceiling cat.  He’s still basically a putz, but he always has been.  I suppose it was a case of just needing to vent some frustration so I didn’t explode.  It’s all good.  I told him that just like I am certain he’ll fall off the wagon and get drunk again, he can be sure that I’ll turn into a raving bitch for a few hours again.  It’s just who we are and how we roll.

In other news, I’ve printed the 4 readings I for sure have to write papers on and I found an older binder to put them in.  Nothing quite like misappropriating office supplies with the help of the boss.