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935476_492904994113944_89992349_nThat about says it all.

I was pretty well frazzled yesterday after all the drama.  I came home, started downloading software I need on my laptop, and flopped on the bed to await the arrival of Captain Douchebag.  When he got here he immediately started loving up to me.  He apologized, told me he’ll do better, told me how much he appreciates everything I do for him.  Apparently I was too far gone because I succumbed to his advances.  Dammit.

This morning I’m at home, waiting for the restoration guy to come look at the water damage in the basement.  We’re not entirely sure how much of the carpet got ruined.  Mom also told me this morning to ask him if it would be feasible to put a half bath in that area.  I’m pretty excited about that.  Not excited about the construction mess that would go along with that, but excited nonetheless.

I should probably spend some time working on my project while I’m waiting.  I finally got all of the software loaded this morning, but I’m not sure how to retrieve the file from where I saved it.  I really am enjoying being in school again, I just hope I can survive this 5 weeks.

The moods continue to not be bad.  I was fairly grumpy with Josh this morning, but I think I’m at least a tiny bit justified.  He knew damn good and well that I wouldn’t be leaving the house for awhile and yet he insisted that I get up and shower with him.  Seriously dude?  So here I am, showered and dressed, and I likely won’t go anywhere for another several hours.  I’m actually really happy I won’t be seeing him again until tonight.  Mama needs a break.