• I have a “new” red shirt from Mom to wear to work tomorrow.  I’m not often fond of red as I think it works rather against my skin tone, but this shirt is so fucking cute I’m willing to overlook that.
  • We have a team meeting tomorrow afternoon and those are nearly always enjoyable.
  • My colleagues helped me unstick myself with the new class.  Much progress should be made tomorrow.
  • I gained a new friend on Facebook and have been having some lovely chats.  HELLO NEW FRIEND!!!
  • Josh and I have gotten along the ENTIRE day, even though both of us are running on next to no sleep.  Truly amazing if you ask me.
  • I have class tomorrow night and I am hell bent on making my magazine layout as incredibly fucking awesome as possible.
  • I was incredibly and outrageously nice to as many people as I possibly could me and it made me feel completely AMAZING.  I kind of lost count of how many cool shirts I gave compliments on.  I struck up full on conversations with folks I would normally only exchange a passing greeting with.  They smiled at me, I smiled more back.  It’s 100% contagious.
  • It’s just Mom and I tonight – Josh is in school.  I haven’t had a night at home without him in awhile now.  Gotta say I’m really looking forward to it.

Something y’all can look forward to is another off the wall goofy piece from me appearing over on Knocked Over by a Feather tomorrow morning.  It’s all about how I’m old.  Cuz being old is funny.