I need a little help kids, and I fully expect that y’all will come through for me in your usual stellar fashion.  Cuz y’all are just good like that.

As you know I’m taking that class right now that deals with design.  One of my assignments is to put together a sketchbook of examples of good and bad design.  It can be print or electronic media.  What I need your help with is gathering some examples.  I’ve got some stuff collected already, but I tend to get the same kinds of publications all the time and visit the same kinds of websites.  I know for a fact that y’all are way more interesting than I am.  So, if you have something you think would help, let me know.  I’ve setup a special email account for this so that if you have something you can just send it to me.  I know the comment thing here on WordPress sometimes doesn’t like web addresses and I’m pretty sure it would puke if you tried to give it a file.

mentalinthemidwest at gmail dot com

Thanks kids!