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Holy fuckaleulia, what a day…

I’ve been going nearly non-stop since I posted this morning.  I taught the same class twice, sat in with K while she helped a faculty getting ready to teach an online class, tried to decipher what another faculty is doing with his grades, and did some other assorted problem solving.  I’m burnt.

The classes went really well and that totally kept me going.  I LOVE being in the classroom and this is actually my favorite class to teach.  I very much enjoy teaching on Fridays because it’s an awesome way to wrap up my week.

I’m sitting here right now trying to get the motivation back to get some stuff done tonight.  There’s laundry and lists and dinner to cook and homework to be done.  And I’d really rather have no part of any of it.  But Josh works tomorrow until 11, I have to pick the brat up at 11, and I’m not so sure I’ll be able to get a whole lot done once she is here.  So push on I must.  What I really need is a whole day off that I can use to get caught up on all this stuff.  Yeah, like that’s gonna happen…

Anyway, hope everyone elses Friday is going well.  I”m off to do something.  Maybe.  Catch you when I can.