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This has just been one entirely shitty day.

Instructor douche bag called around 9 to make sure I’d be here.  I told him that I would, but that I had a meeting scheduled at 11:30 and would need to leave promptly.  I also told him that I couldn’t duplicate the problem he was having.  He told me he’d try to arrive early.

When he got here I found out that he hadn’t been giving me the entire story.  I had him walk through the process he was doing and – lo and behold – it worked just fine here.  Gee, what a surprise.  I suggested he upgrade his browser to the most current version.  We also talked about the grade weighting thing and I suggested the best thing for him to do – since he insists on being all fucked up about it – is to export the file to Excel, manipulate it there, and then import it back into the system.  Done.

Talked to Josh at lunch, or at least answered the phone when he called.  He wasn’t talking much.  I told him I really wasn’t in a very good mood but he didn’t get the hint that I had no interest in talking to him.  It was long and painful.

Got a few things done and was in talking to my boss when one of our directors came around and said we all had to go sit in on the session that was being held with the Secretary of Defense.  I have no interest in politics whatsoever, but off we went.  It was boring, the room was hot, too much old people funk, and I really just think he’s an absolute idiot.  That wasted almost 90 minutes of time I could have been doing other things.

So now I have just a tiny bit of time before I have to head out for class.  I’d been hoping that I could perhaps get some more work done on my web pages, but I’m really not so much in the mood anymore.  Josh will be texting soon to talk to me before I go into class, which I’m not so much in the mood for either.

I have tonight and then two sessions next week to get through.  I’ve got 2 more small papers to write and then my big 10 page synthesis paper.  Pretty much my entire weekend will be spent doing chores, homework, and figuring out how to file Josh’s old taxes.  But that’s allegedly something to look forward to.  Right.