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And here we have the truth of it – he quit expressing interest in sex when I started harassing him about never asking for anything but sex.  Unfortunately this is entirely true.  He used to start asking first thing in the morning and it would piss me off so I’d be all snotty about it.  Damn did that ever backfire.  So now he says he’ll start asking again as long as I’m pleasant about it.  That problem is solved.

He didn’t realize that me being grumpy on Thursday had anything to do with him having been grumpy all weekend.  It’s really just been kind of a continuation all week long.  I apologized for the part I played in that, he apologized for his part in it, and we both agreed to try to work harder not to let it happen again any time soon.

I’ve gotten some good stuff done here at the office this morning, which helps with the grump factor.  I’ve got an appointment this afternoon with a new faculty who is teaching a class that is new to her and it’ll be online, which she’s been trained on but has never actually done.  I am really looking forward to this.  Next to being in front of a classroom, this is my next favorite thing to do here.