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You really only need about the first minute of that to get the gist of it…

Friday afternoon was good.  Mom and I had lunch, ran a few errands, went shopping.  We got home and Josh and I had sex then Mom and I made dinner – chicken fried steak.  Saturday we slept in.  We got up and I sent him for breakfast and started doing some chores.  We ran a few errands and things seemed fine until we got to the alcohol section at Costco.  He wanted to look at beer.  The only way to buy beer at Costco is by the case, and if there’s an entire case of beer in the house, Josh will drink the entire case.  I got a little pissy.

We got done and got to the car and I asked him what he wanted to do next.  As always, he had no idea.  So I drove us home.  When we got there he asked me about where I wanted a case of pop I’d gotten for me, I told him in the garage but apparently I didn’t say it loud enough.  He got quite aggressive and so I yelled at him.  We spent roughly the next 2 hours trying to resolve the situation.

I can’t seem to get through to him that I am 100% sick and tired of always making the decisions.  He’s got opinions, he needs to fucking voice them.  We finally got all of that worked out, had make up sex, and went to lunch.

Mom got home late and we had dinner together.  Josh had picked up Cloud Atlas from the Redbox.  Excellent movie – weird as hell, but excellent.  It really made me think, which I like.  We had some wine coolers to go with dinner which I think helped lessen the tension.  I did point out to Josh that this is going on something like 6 weekends in a row that he’s had something to drink and that bothers me.

Yesterday morning I got up before Josh and got my last 2 small papers written.  I just can’t seem to do my stuff when he’s awake.  Anyway, after that I cooked breakfast and we got to working on more errands.  We ran the tables back to my sister’s house, dropped some stuff off here at my office, and went home to finish working on Josh’s homework.

Helping him with his stuff is just terrible.  He totally doesn’t want to do and because of that pretty well shuts down when he’s faced with it.  I’m really about the point of telling him he’s on his own with this shit.

Anyway, last night was fairly mellow.  We had Culver’s for dinner and then watched some tv together.  We didn’t head downstairs until almost 10.  We have this whole little bed time ritual thing we usually do before I close my eyes for good.  He started it last night but never finished, so I went to bed hurt and grumpy – which means I woke up hurt and grumpy.  And I didn’t fall asleep until after midnight.  He kept leaning over and fucking with my neck.

So, here I am, Monday morning, burnt from the fighting, big paper yet to write, class to finish, it’s just me and K here today, and my stomach is acting up again.  This should be a super day.

On an up note – of all the things I’ve turned in so far that my prof has graded, I’ve only missed ONE POINT.