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Sorry kids, I’m just about done…

I enjoy scents.  I try to wear a little perfume every day and I like it when Josh wears the cologne I buy him.  I will often remember a person by their scent.  My dad, for example, wore Old Spice for years and now any time I smell it I’m instantly reminded of him.  Certain smells invoke pleasant memories for all of us.


There is an older woman who works in this building.  She’s got to be well into her 60s, quite possibly 70s.  Folks around here often don’t retire, they keel over dead at their desks.  You can literally smell this woman from 15 feet away.  She leaves a cloud behind her.  Heaven help you if you have to go into the ladies room after she’s been in there.

What gets me is that her husband, who also works here, drives them to work.  It’s a small sedan they drive.  How in the fuck does he drive with her cooped up in that car with all that fucking stink???

I don’t get it, I just don’t.  How have none of her co-workers not said anything to her about this?  How has her husband not mentioned that maybe 2 squirts would be better than 2 quarts?

I really do try to be a tolerant human being.  It’s not enough of an assault to get truly upset over.  I’m just getting a little tired of walking through her stink cloud and having my nose want to jump off my face.

Rant over.