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Wow, I’m not even sure where to begin…

We have a toilet in the basement now.  It even flushes.  The pipes are in for the sink, hopefully it’ll be put in today.  And I used it at 2:45 this morning.  I was just very careful not to pee on my hands.  This is progress.

Can’t recall if I shared or not, but our professor gave us an additional week to turn in our grad papers.  This may save me.  We’re still not sure if Josh works this weekend and if we’ll have the brat.  If he does, and we don’t, I’ll be fine.  If he doesn’t, and we do, I would be sunk.  However, lovely boss lady has agreed to let me take Monday off work should that become necessary.  Yay!  In the process of figuring all that out I realized that yet again I had double booked myself for Friday afternoon.  I was supposed to be at shrinky-poo’s office and the hair salon at 3:30.  Seeing as I haven’t mastered the art of being in two places at once, and that I’ve rescheduled my hair appointments probably no less than 15 times, I called shrinky-poo’s office and moved my appointment to Monday afternoon.  Problem solved.

It’s hot in my office today.  This really isn’t anything new.  This building is rather old and has been remodeled numerous times and it appears that rerouting the ventilation system was never a priority.  There is quite literally no air movement in here unless I run my fan.  And the fan isn’t adequate today.  I wore a sleeveless long black dress today with a little white cardigan over it, to cover my arms.  I’m not fond of my upper arms.  In fact, I often refer to them as my bat wings.  The biceps are also both tattooed.  I like my ink, just not necessarily all that keen on everyone seeing it.  But it’s too hot, so the sweater came off.  We’ll see how this goes.

Is anyone else as excited about the Supreme Court ruling as I am?  I’m rather obviously hetero myself, but this has never struck me as a “sexual orientation” deal – it’s about human rights and having sex with someone of the same gender does not nullify your status as a human.  Love knows no bounds, it is high time the government came to terms with that.

I would also really appreciate if the government would stop thinking it has any right to have a say over what happens in my vagina.  I don’t want to argue with anyone over whether abortion is “right” or “wrong,” all I want is for that decision to not have anything to do with the government.  That situation involves 3 entities – me, a qualified medical practitioner, and my conscience – no one else.  And for the love of flying squirrels – do not try to claim that your fucking anti-abortion bill doesn’t need to allow for women who are victims of rape or incest because you claim the rape kit at the ER will take care of that.  BULLSHIT.  Why don’t you consider getting a fucking education before you try to “lead the people” because clearly there are many of us better qualified to lead you.  There is lots of information on the internet about how babies are made, why don’t you fucking look it up.

Sorry, ranting again…  Been one of those weeks I guess.