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Nearly 9:30am here.  I’ve run 3 loads of laundry already and had a lengthy conversation with Mom.  Spent some quality time with Evie Cat.  Emailed several friends.  Hung out on Facebook for a bit.

He’s still sleeping.

We had talked last night about having sex this morning since it really didn’t seem right last night.  Given that we need to leave in an hour, and still eat and take showers, I kind of don’t see that happening.

But if he really does have Bipolar, sleep is CRUCIAL.  So I’m stuck.  If I wake him up now, he might not have gotten enough sleep to be decent to me.  If I don’t wake him up, he’ll possibly have an even harder time getting to sleep tonight.  I’m really pretty well fucked either way.  And that’s not the kind of fucked I was hoping for this morning.  And it’s making me angry.

This custody visit is not for me, it’s for him.  She is his daughter, she really should be coming over here to spend time with him.  I’m guessing as usual though that she’ll spend the majority of her time with me.

Have I bothered to mention how very little I enjoy the company of children?

And he still hasn’t touched his homework yet.  Last night there was no way it was happening.  So now we’re left with Sunday night.  Yes, Sunday – when I’d really rather maybe be having sex.  But no, we’ll end up having to wait until Wednesday.  And you know, I think maybe that’s really just fine.  I have other ways of taking care of those needs.  And bob never asks for a sandwich.