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The 4th of July is this week.  As my American readers know, this is big shit.  In these parts it means fireworks, outdoor concerts, backyard barbecues, and plenty of beer.  In the city I live in, you can actually buy and light off your own fireworks in your neighborhood – provided they meet certain regulations.  One state south of us, you can buy damn near anything, up to a quarter stick of dynamite.  Lots of folks will make that drive – it’s only a few hours – and bring shit back here.  Lighting them off is legal starting 10 days before the 4th and running 1 days after.

These are my 12 least favorite days of summer.

I enjoy a good professional show, don’t get me wrong.  What I don’t enjoy is that the rednecks around here get themselves good and drunk and then light shit all fucking night long on the nights I have to work.  And just now the little douche bags across the street – I think the oldest MIGHT be 18 – lit something so big that it knocked my mom’s very large clock off the wall in the living room.  Last week while I was at school they knocked the clock in her office off the wall and destroyed it.  This is completely unacceptable.

And let’s just not talk about the fact that now I’m feeling just a wee bit shell shocked.  And I’m certain they’re not done for the night.  I really just wish someone would hurry up and lose an eye already.