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It’s finally quiet.  Josh left a few minutes ago with the brat.  Extra bratty this weekend.  She’s getting a lot sassier and I’m not appreciating it one bit.  I realize that I was pretty much the same way at that age, and I’m really feeling glad I didn’t have a daughter of my own.  I’d really like to smack her across the mouth.  She constantly thinks she knows more than anyone else and is delighted to tell you precisely how much she knows.  I just take it upon myself to set her straight, politely, at every opportunity.  But it’s tiring.

Josh was a little more helpful yesterday once he finally woke up.  It was touch and go for awhile, and then it actually got kind of bad.  We went to Red Robin for lunch.  Had a good time, the brat ate about what I thought she would.  I paid, we left.  About 90 minutes later we ended up at the grocery store.  My pharmacy is connected to it.  I went to pay for Josh’s Ambien and there was no debit card in my purse.  The last place I remembered having it was Red Robin.  Josh called them while I finished with the pharmacist.  They kept him on hold for like 10 minutes and then came back claiming they didn’t have it.  They took my number “just in case.”  So I had Josh finish paying for the groceries so I could go out to the car and call the bank to terminate the card.  Right as I was hanging up from doing that, the douche from Red Robin called.  They had found it.  And now it’s no good.  FUCK.

Anyway, that’s really just kind of how things have been since yesterday morning.  Nothing utterly terrible, but lots of very very frustrating.  I just looked to see what the deal is with the homework Josh was supposed to turn in before class on Tuesday and there’s really just no fucking way we’ll get it done tonight.  Especially since he was supposed to have heard back from his teacher about whether or not his topic for this research mess is ok and he hasn’t.  Blech.

And it really just fucking KILLS me that he seems to make a point of putting on his good cologne every fucking time he takes that child home by himself.