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As I kind of suspected might happen, things have gone rather downhill.  I’m just thankful that I got as much done before lunch as I did as now I don’t feel quite like the entire day is a gigantic fucking waste.

I have all of my sign in sheets done for fall, most of the handouts done, two flyers printed for proofing, the list of classes sent to another advertising venue…  Yeah, not bad.

Josh continues to be an asshat.  Now he claims that he didn’t lump me in with all other women, he was only referring to the brat.  Yeah, cuz that’s just SO much better.  And at lunch, when he again didn’t talk and I tried asking him if he wanted to talk about something and he fucking jumped down his throat only obviously he didn’t because he would never do that so when I called him on it it was all in my head again – yeah, that was great.

Just really fucking glad it’s Monday and that he’ll go to school tonight.  I’ve had enough for one day.  And I’ve got a damn dentist appointment to suffer through yet.  Argh.