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Apparently there’s a new additive in the water around here.  It’s called DUMB and they’re using lots of it.

My boss is just seriously pissing me off.  These flyers looked fine and now they look like shit.  Really?  I knew what I was doing.  I got a fucking A in the class.  This is just garbage and I’m not happy about it and I’d like to just fucking hit her with something large and blunt.  It’s just seriously raising my blood pressure to even think about it.

I was on the phone with Josh at lunch when I checked my grade.  Lousy bastard did not even ask. Now he’s weaseled it out of me and is pretending he’s all proud.  Whatever douche.

I’m supposed to give a special training session Thursday morning, only the guy arranging this doesn’t really know what they want me to do.  It’s got something to do with groups, but that could be one of several things, so he just says I should show them all of the things.  ALL THE THINGS!!!  This ought to be fun.

I’m just doing my best to play nice with everyone today and pretend that I don’t want to duct tape them all to an electric fence.