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Holy fucking flying squirrels on skateboards, ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

I’m tired.  And I’m tired of saying that I’m tired.  I’m tired of having to constantly apologize to Josh because I’m tired.  He is the ONLY fucking person on this planet who hasn’t figured out yet that when I’m this tired, the very best thing to do is leave me the hell alone.  I tried explaining this to him AGAIN last night.  He’s thick in the head.

Last night I stayed up on the couch with Mom watching our kind of tv, which last night consisted of Guy Fieri.  It was lovely.  I stayed up until he got home because I’ve decided there’s absolutely no sense in trying to go to bed when I’d actually like to only to get woke up an hour later.  We attempted to talk – or rather, I talked and he grunted as usual – and then I finally got to bed around 10.  This morning when the alarm started going off I was able to appropriately ignore it, because it was just one alarm and wasn’t annoying as fuck.  At 6 he told me to get up.  I told him to go smoke without me, I needed a few more minutes, just come get me when you get in the shower.  So what does King Douche do?  TURNS ON THE MOTHERFUCKING OVERHEAD LIGHT.

Ah yeah, downhill from there…

I’ve done my best to be pleasant when approached, but that’s about it.  I’ve been sufficiently busy here at work that it’s been quite easy to ignore him.  When he texted me on his break he said he’s calling at lunch.  I asked him if he was actually going to talk to me and he said yes.  I gotta tell ya kids, if he doesn’t – oh dear lord, he’ll need the help of all the saints and ceiling cat and every flying squirrel on a skateboard that’s ever been born.

So y’all remember I took that grad class this summer, right?  The idea behind it was to be able to do better designs for digital publications – flyers, websites, magazine layouts – that kind of stuff.  We make flyers for all of our training classes here, each of us does our own.  For some reason I am the only one of the 3 of us who has to have their flyers approved by our boss.  So I’m working on my fall stuff, doing my flyers, trying to apply the principles of good design I learned this summer.  I give boss lady my flyers and she starts bleeding all over them.  The shit that I had done to follow “good” design she’s insisting I go back to do the old, wrong, shitty looking way.  Cuz that’s what she thinks looks better.  Cuz she knows nothing.  Tell me again what’s the point of me getting more education if I’m not going to be allowed to use it?

And, just cuz my life isn’t interesting enough – I’m growing a horn.  It’s right between my eyes, getting bigger every fucking day, and hurts like hell.  My friend Laura is convinced it’s a unicorn horn.  Yeah, so now I’ll be able to fling MAGICAL HORSE SHIT.