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So let’s see, what’s happened since last I spewed in your direction…

My eye is acting weird.  Same eye – the right – and I’m not sure why.  If I’m going to lose a contact in the wee hours of the morning, it’s always that one.  If I’m going to feel like there’s a boulder in my eye, always that one.  I’ve replaced my contacts fairly recently – I think – so who knows.  I’ll go digging later.

No contractor yet.  I was here until 9:40 and was back by 10:45.  The plumber, floor dude, and general dude were all allegedly making appearances.  Not happy.

Took the car to the mechanic and found out that I have a RAGING case of the dumbs.  They checked the system and it’s fine, but it works a whole lot better when you turn the selector dial thingy to “recirculate.”  I know I’ve known this before, honestly.  Anyway, they showed me and tried their best not to laugh.  I happily coughed up the $31 they wanted for having run the diagnostics.  And now it is spectacularly cold in there.

I worked on Josh’s homework this morning.  He needed a cover letter and resume printed for class tonight.  So I found a template for a cover letter and doctored it and then did my best to do an updated resume for him.  Only I really know next to nothing about his current job.  So I just left the little place holder bits there.  He won’t have time to fix that before class, isn’t that a shame.  I’m still working on typing the paper that he needed for last week and for this week, only I really can’t tell what he’s wanting me to do with the citations, so I’m typing it *precisely* as he has it written.  He can really just bite my ass at this point.  I asked him earlier if there was anything else I could do for him today and that fucking rat bastard had the nerve to tell me to relax.  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME????  No, the time to relax was over the weekend.  And if you really wanted me to relax, you shouldn’t have left me to do your fucking homework.  I told him it’s really just fine, I’ll relax when I’m dead.

So I’ve been thinking.  (scary, I know)  If he wants to do things barter style, that’s just fine with me.  I’ll do things for him if and when he does things for me that I deem of equal value.  Until then, I’m doing NOTHING for him.  And quite frankly, right now he’s got nothing I want.  Try that on for size Captain Douchebag.