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I don’t like kids, y’all know that.  I was actually afraid to have my own kids because I know just how little patience I have and how I get when I don’t have enough sleep.  Babies don’t let you sleep, hence, very little patience.  Toddlers will let you sleep, but they get mouthy, hence, very little patience.  Teenagers, we just won’t go there.  So I was afraid I might flip shit and hurt something small that totally didn’t deserve to be hurt.  Hence tubes tied, hence hysterectomy, end of story.

My sister opted to have kids, though only christ himself knows why.  She was miserable the whole time she was pregnant.  Her first kid had medical issues and they didn’t really bond.  She totally favors her second kid.  It’s come to the attention of everyone else around my sister that she is full on mental, but she’s in utter denial.

Last night she slapped the baby across the face.  Three times.

I don’t like kids, but what I really fucking hate is big people who hurt kids.  I’ll be making sure to keep extra distance between she and I, but heaven help her if I EVER see that kind of behavior.  I will take her down, mark my words.