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I’m ready to die.  Still next to no sleep.  I blame Josh for this 100%.  We have fought damn near the entire fucking weekend.  He doesn’t understand that if he winds me up right before bed time, I don’t sleep.  And he’s been winding as hard as he can.  I’m fucking sick of it.

And he’s still entirely fighting the school thing.  We talked about that a little bit this weekend and he doesn’t claim to know why he’s doing this either, but he acknowledges that he is.  He’s at least a week behind in the one class and expects me to bail his ass out by typing and submitting his paper for him.

He helped around the house a little – very fucking little – this weekend in exchange for help with his homework.  Yes kids, you heard me right – “I’ll help you only if you’ll help me.”  Dude, you live here for FREE.  My mom is an older woman, the decent thing to do is to help your mother in law.  But no, it’s all about exchange rates for him apparently.  And that’s fine, we’ll just setup a new system.  He’s just not going to like it.

In an attempt to not incur any further “debt” with him yesterday, Mom and I were moving small bits of furniture out of the basement because the contractor alleges that they’ll be starting the floor this week.  I was carrying my floor mirror up to the garage and managed to completely piss off all of the muscles across my lower back.  It doesn’t quite feel like a full blown spasm, but pretty close.  So I’m moving pretty slowly right now and that meant Josh had to help again – which meant I picked up another homework assignment to do.  He’s a douche.

We had gone out for dinner Friday night and then later in the evening he wanted sex, only it didn’t work.  No sleep that night.  Saturday he didn’t have any Ambien because I lost track of time and didn’t get to the pharmacy in time.  No sleep that night.  Last night he was ignoring me again and I couldn’t get comfortable because of my back.  No sleep that night.  So really, there was absolutely no point in me taking this extra time off to try to get my sleep sorted out, because that totally didn’t happen.

And because I had to spend so much of my time holding Josh’s hand while simultaneously kicking his ass about the homework, I got next to no time to relax.  The one time I did try to watch tv by myself, he said the noise was bothering him so he turned on Pandora on his phone and cranked up heavy metal music to the point where I was unable to hear the tv.  I get time to myself today – yeah, I get to type his paper, print some other shit, take my car in to have the AC looked at, go to the hardware store to get some stuff for Mom, and then since he forgot about the one thing for tonight I’ll probably have to feed him dinner and make his sandwich and coffee.  Yup, sounds like a day off to me.

Moose tranquilizer in the ass.  Now.  Please.