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I slept last night.  Appropriate and restful, blessed SLEEP.  I took the pills at 7:30ish, started settling myself, got into bed around 8ish, and I think I was down for the count shortly after 9.  I got up when the alarm went off this morning and I feel pretty decent.  I may have just discovered the Holy Grail.

In other news, the closet is pretty well back together.  The entire room that I used to refer to as my closet has been almost entirely rearranged.  It used to house the hanging rack for my clothes, a stand up freezer, full sized fridge, lots of storage tubs, furnace, and water heater.  Now it has a much shorter hanging rack on the opposite side of the room, freezer, furnace, water heater, toilet, sink/vanity.  I’ll probably bring back in a few of the storage tubs.  But while the contractor has been doing all this shit, my clothes have just been laying upstairs on the futon.  Having them back where they belong eases a considerable amount of my stress.  And I took the time to weed through them as I went so I got rid of a ton of stuff I was never going to wear again.  Yay!

Josh is making noise like he’ll actually start helping more.  I told him once we get the basement entirely back together and I get stuff setup like I want it, we WILL be keeping it picked up all the time.  The mess and clutter was just killing me.  Part of that was me, but a big part of it was him.  I won’t tolerate it anymore.

The floor is supposed to be done sometime this week.  I’ll believe it when I see it.  I’ll just be happy when I can put this whole mess behind me.