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I spent damn near all day yesterday working on flyers, 3 of them.  Two had been in the works for a bit, but the other I just started yesterday.  Three flyers.  My boss had told me the other day that she wanted me to be able to put to use the skills I learned in that class this summer, but she keeps fucking with the designs at every possible opportunity.  So apparently the skills I’m allowed to use aren’t the design skills, but rather the software skills.  And that just fucking sucks.

Work in general kind of sucks right now.  She wants us to offer more this fall, but then she turns around and says we have to do this other big project so we need to decide what we’re cutting from the schedule.  But oh, by the way, the schedule is the one flyer I’m working on and it absolutely can’t be changed once we have it in print.  Excuse me?  Aren’t I supposed to be the Bipolar one of the bunch?

Now she’s talking about hiring someone new to help.  That’s great, but I’d really like to meet this person before that decision is made.  Sounds like they’ve already made the decision and we’ll be bringing this person on for a 6 month temp contract.  And my boss wants to know what of my work I want to give this person.  Hmm, let’s see – how about all of this bullshit you keep fucking changing your mind about, that sounds like a good start.

And the guy on our team is just driving me nuts.  He’s the hold up about getting the final schedule done.  Me and K have our stuff scheduled already – dates and times decided, rooms booked – it’s all good.  He’s got some questions about his stuff yet and won’t make up his mind.  And he’ll be going on vacation sometime between now and the start of the fall semester (8/26).  I asked my boss if she was really going to let him do that – seeing as there is no way in hell she’d let me take any vacation at this point – and she said of course she was.  Right, that seems totally fair.  The understanding has pretty well always been that no one was allowed to take time off in August, particularly not an entire fucking week.  But it’s T and T is apparently special, even though she bitches about him nonstop when he’s not around.  She actually went so far as to tell me yesterday that she’s come to the point where she’s giving him all the rope he needs to hang himself.  Nice.

Josh is also driving me nuts.  He’s sort of half assed doing a little bit of homework in the evenings – just enough to keep me off his back.  He looked at his grade for the class he hates last night and saw that he’s getting an F.  Not surprising to me at all.  He’s under the impression that if he buckles down he can pull that back up to a C.  Good luck bucko, I ain’t helping like you want me to.

And the brat comes over this weekend, as do my nieces.  The oldest will be starting kindergarten soon and wanted to have one more sleepover before school starts.  Hopefully it goes better this time.  I’d be fine if it was just my nieces, but having to deal with the brat this weekend might just prove more than I can handle.  Josh will be working until noon tomorrow morning so I’ll have to go pick her up.  I just hope she figures out how to keep her fucking mouth in line or I’ll be sorely tempted to set her straight.  I’ve got next to no patience left for anyone.

Josh keeps pushing sex and I’m having no part of it.  I put him off the last two days and I’m running out of reasons why it’s not a good idea.  I just really have no interest in it at all.  Might be because I don’t have any feelings for him when I look at him, might be because he’s really just a lazy slob, might be because my back still hurts – who knows.  He hasn’t been particularly nice or affectionate lately, which doesn’t help.  Yesterday he was apparently in such a rush to get home because he thought he was getting some that he forgot to stop and get smokes.  If I run out today…

I am sleeping pretty well, which is about the only thing saving me right now.  I’m hoping once this all sorts out that I can adjust the time I have to take everything.  I feel like a damn old woman having to lay down by 8pm all the time.  I see shrinky-poo on 8/5 for my next med check.