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The closer we get to the start of the fall semester, the less time I have during the day – and not just for fucking around with y’all.  Here’s the cliff notes version of the weekend…

Friday night I kicked the corner of a wall so hard I was convinced I’d busted my pinky toe clean off.  Hurt like hell.  Josh decided he needed a night off homework.  We stayed up entirely too late watching Avengers with Mom.

Saturday he got up and left for work.  I took a shower and started in on chores.  Got everything by laundry done and ran to Costco with Mom.  Got back to the house when the brat was supposed to be there.  The ex did not text as she said she would.  They were almost 20 minutes late.  The brat has had her haircut again and looks entirely like an ugly little boy.  She’s thrilled that she can spike it and put it in a mohawk and she doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks about it.  I just can’t believe the ex actually paid money for such a shitty fucking haircut.  Oh, and she’d had a friend sleep over on Friday night and couldn’t remember how late they’d stayed awake.  She was bitchy as only a sleep deprived child can be.

My nieces came over for the sleep over.  The ex had completely neglected to tell the brat about it.  The kids played for awhile.  Mom asked me to help her with a project outside, only we couldn’t do it so we had to get Josh involved and he couldn’t do it.  Had to end up running to a rental place to get a special drill.  Mom and I then went to Target to buy the girls jackets seeing as it unseasonably cold here and none of them were dressed appropriately.

We went to dinner.  The kids all ate good.  Headed to a park near the house but had to leave because there were questionable people there.  Found a park closer to the house and it all seemed good.  When it was time to leave the baby niece refused.  We loaded the two other girls into Mom’s car and Josh and I got in the jeep.  We all made to drive away.  The baby finally came running.  This is a tactic my mom often had to employ with my sister.

Got home and had ice cream and watched one of the Ice Age movies.  I went to bed.  The girls were supposed to, but evidently didn’t.  My mom woke me up at 9 because she had to return the drill we rented and she wanted someone awake with the kids.  We had breakfast when she got home and then the kids did a craft.  Mom told my nieces they needed to go home after that.  The little one threw a fit again.  Mom just let her cry while she got everything packed up.  Josh told the brat we could take her home early or she could do something with me but he had to do homework.  She of course wanted to crochet with me.  I got her going while Josh did some reading.  He went and got lunch and then I insisted she leave.  The ex was at her office which is like 5 minutes from our house.

After she was gone I had to help him with homework.  We did that until dinner and then again after dinner.  At some point in the evening he insisted I take a shower with him.  At 7:30 I took my pills and laid down.  He hadn’t gotten the stuff he was behind on done yet and told me he was quitting for the night.

I spent damn near no time with him and certainly none of it quality.  Allegedly the floor in the basement will be done this week so next weekend I can start putting the basement back together.  Josh told me this morning that he’ll help.  Right, he couldn’t help hardly at all last weekend when I had 3 fucking kids to take care of, but this weekend when it’s just us he’s happy to help.  No, I got this.