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I know that we’re getting into the busy time at work and that being busy at work makes me more likely to be grumpy at home.  But Josh is pushing buttons again, and that just makes me want to dig a shallow grave in the back yard.

He came home between work and school last night, for “smooches” he claimed.  He really just wanted to eat.  So he did and we kind of talked.  He left and I started in on chores.  Today is trash day and we always set it out Monday night.  Yeah, I got to do that all by myself.  I also got to scoop the cat box that he said he’d get the other day, make his lunch and mine, and make drinks for today.  I live for this shit.

I took my pills at 7:30 like I’m supposed to and headed downstairs.  I don’t know too many people who can sleep with a light on, so it was dark.  When Josh got home around 8:45 he woke me up by breaking his bedside lamp.  And blaming it on me.  And then of course he wanted to talk.  Right, after I’ve been woken up like that, I’m pretty well awake for the night.

Fast forward to morning – I get up for my shower.  He doesn’t say anything, but keeps touching me.  He finally leaves.  I’m almost to work and in a right hand turn lane that goes left.  The light changes and the guy next to me starts pulling out and then lays on his horn.  I immediately stop, totally unsure of what I’ve done.  Some asshat in a big SUV comes flying through the light, either completely oblivious or totally thinking the red light means GO for him.

And it’s just been non-stop bullshit since then.

I’m tired, my foot still hurts, Josh didn’t get smokes yesterday so I will likely run out, I’ve got my annual GP physical this afternoon, and then tonight I get to do all of my chores again.

But he’ll help.  Right.  He claims he helped all weekend and that he’ll help again this weekend.  Yup, I’m totally sure *that’s* gonna happen.  Whatever, I’m just apparently ungrateful.