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Holy buckets.  It just keeps getting more and more interesting around here.

So after I posted last night I went upstairs with an ice cream sandwich and parked my fat ass on the couch to watch Guy Fieri.  Love that man.  All of a sudden the garage door opens.  I look to see why Josh has returned so soon when the doorbell rings.  Dude, this is just fucking weird.  I open the front door and there’s the floor guy – he came to take care of the glue residue on the tile in the basement.  Ok, that’s fine.  I call my mom to tell her and she wants me to ask him about the area under the cabinets – can he tile that as well?  Yes, he can, and he’ll do it tonight since he’s there and it shouldn’t take long.  I go out to the garage and get the remaining tile for him while trying not to pass out from the stink of mineral spirits.  Back to the couch.

At 8pm he finally leaves – a full 30 minutes after I really needed to take pills and start resting.  The place absolutely fucking reeks of chemicals.  The headache that’s been coming on all night hits like a ton of fucking bricks.  I take my pills, lay down, and try to get comfortable.  Then Josh comes home.  I have completely forgotten that the blood draw this morning needed to be fasting and the contents of my cup on the nightstand are not water – but of course I don’t realize that until this morning.  Finally fall asleep.

Get up this morning and decide I should probably stop at the convenience store to get some breakfast as I’m not sure how much time I’ll really have at work.  Get 2 mocha drinks, a bottle of milk, and a cherry danish – use my debit card.  The cashier guy asks if I want cash back, I say yes, I’d like $10 in ones.  He gives me the strangest look.  I have to explain that I’ll be at a “conference” and probably eating out of a vending machine today.  That apparently makes way more sense than whatever he had been thinking.

Get to work and check email.  There’s a message from L with her updated syllabus.  K and I have been working with her ALL SUMMER to get this class ready.  I spent 45 minutes yesterday afternoon on the phone with her discussing one of her PowerPoints.  It’s hideous.  I asked her to email her final syllabus.  It’s also hideous.  And she hasn’t done anything to build the class yet, she’s apparently waiting to get this first presentation piece – that includes video that may or may not have gotten recorded (but no way in hell edited) today.  We’re meeting with her again on Friday afternoon to tell her the same fucking shit we’ve been telling her all goddamn summer.  This is the last time we meet with her if I have anything to say about it.  Anyway, K and I spend an hour going through the syllabus making notes about what activities tie to what tools – same as we’ve done with the other 5 iterations of the syllabus.

Then it’s time for the retreat.  We talk about all kinds of bullshit.  T is an absolute asshat through damn near the whole thing.  I walk out with a huge list of shit to do.  Lunch takes place at the cafe in the library – pre-made paninis and chips.  Gorp.  Mostly a whole day of bullshit.  I get back to my office and there’s a whole mess of emails waiting.  Try to solve one of the problems that’s come in and find that software which really should be on my computer isn’t actually there.  Waste a good 30 minutes while a nice tech kid fixes it.  Finally get to come home.

Ah, home…

Josh told me that he’d make his own sandwich for dinner so that I didn’t have to worry about him.  I brought home the lunch I was going to have tomorrow since I’ve found out that the meeting I have to attend at noon tomorrow is being catered.  Josh did make his sandwich, and an extra for tomorrow, AND emptied both cat boxes.  I truly get to spend my evening relaxing.  No one is supposed to be stopping by, I don’t really need to run any errands, and there’s really nothing left to do but pay bills and I’ll take care of that in a bit I think.

The next several weeks are almost always a literal hell for me at work.  There are 5 classes for me to teach next week – one each morning.  There are appointments and preparations to get through before then.  There’s a doctor’s appointment next week.  There is after hours orientation sessions to deal with.  And T is taking all of next week off.  I’d really like to call bullshit on that one.  Whatever, K and I know better than to even try to pull that shit.

Anyway, I suppose I said all of that to say this – service as you’ve come to expect it may be spotty for awhile.  I find myself needing to hit the ground running right now or risk needing to bring work home.  I’d do that, but it really is easier to pull off some of my stuff with the big 3-monitor spread I have in my office.  I’ll do my best to just flip things and find time in the evenings to write, but for the next week I’ll be sharing the laptop with Josh.  Just bear with me and I’ll keep you in the loop as best I can.