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Josh had dental work done last week – 3 cavities filled on the same day.  Since then he’s been bitching about his face hurting.  I finally called the dentist’s office and got him an emergency appointment for yesterday.  He insisted it wasn’t necessary.  I insisted he go.  Midmorning he tells me that some important thing at the cabinet shop had broke.  At lunch they got sent home.  I was in meetings from 11:15 until 3.  I texted him the number, told him to call the dentist and see if he could get in early.  He did, they fixed it, and now it feels better – but I don’t know shit.  He went to the grocery store – got Diet Coke and frozen dinners, none of the other stuff we needed.  I told him last night that today I would be insanely busy as this was my one “free” day to get all of my stuff ready for 5 classes next week.  He’s been texting all day.  He called at lunch even though I told him that doing so might well make me have to stay late tonight.  He left work at 2:30 because they still can’t get the thing fixed.  But he’s really looking forward to me coming home.  I’m stuck and can’t move any further ahead because there’s a problem at the database level and I don’t have that kind of access.  Tomorrow I have 7am – 9am open – that’s IT.  There isn’t even any time scheduled for a lunch break.  He has the fucking nerve to tell me that I should be happy I don’t have to work Saturday.  Really?  No, I might have to work Saturday and if I do, I wont’ get paid for it because I’m salaried.  FUCK MY LIFE!!!