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I’m not allowed to be tired anymore apparently.  Or I guess I should say, I’m not allowed to be anything less that Little Miss Sunshine in the mornings if Josh should happen to wake me up at 3:30 and then decide that he needs to cuddle to make amends.  Really?  NO, go the fuck away.

He drank the whole 6 pack yesterday which meant he was weird when it was time to go to bed.  I hadn’t been feeling good most of the day, but he just insists that he can’t handle social situations without alcohol.  Whatever dude, I’m really getting to the point of being over this.

And he’s bitching about his new shoes.  He only tried on the one pair and told me they were great.  Now he says they don’t feel right.  I don’t care, you wanna try to take them back you go right ahead.  I’m not having anything further to do with you and your fucking wardrobe.

Work has been crazy this morning, as usual.  My inbox was jam packed with exciting morsels when I got here.  I’ve already seen one guy and I’ve 2 appointments lined up for this afternoon.  The one guy has already told me he wants to tell me all about his terrible experience with the phone support for a software package I recommended.  This should be super.