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I’ve got a cold.  Or maybe a sinus infection.  Or perhaps a tumor in my brain that’s leaking snot.  Hard to say really, but I’m miserable.  All I know for sure is that I’d like to trade the brat for a dog and then shoot the dog.

I’m at home today.  I couldn’t sleep laying down last night because it felt like I was drowning in snot, couldn’t sleep too much better propped on an extra pillow because that made my back feel weird – so basically I just didn’t really sleep.  I’m hoping that taking this day to stay in my pjs and not tax myself overly much will help.  I’ve got stuff that really needs to be done at work tomorrow and I’m scheduled to teach on Friday.

I went to my first meeting of my class Monday night and really liked it.  It seems like I’m one of the older people in there – like maybe one of 3 or 4 grad students.  There’s one guy I’m almost positive is older than me, one guy who’s probably close to my age, and one woman who’s likely in her 30’s.  The rest appear to be undergrads who are likely not much into their 20s.  There’s one guy I know for sure already I really don’t care for.  He’s got the kind of longer blonde hair that’s cut to make it look like he really doesn’t care about, though you know it’s an expensive cut.  He wore a blue patterned tank top on Monday so he could show off his big arms.  And he wears a dainty gold hoop in one ear.  Maybe it’s just me, but his appearance just sort of screams “douche bag.”

Anyway, my next assignment to be working on is making a video that discusses some way in which literacy has effected my life.  I’m going to talk about the literacy of the bipolar subculture.  If you don’t know the lingo, or learn it damn fast when you get dropped into the mental health system, you flounder.  I’m trying to think of a fairly specific event and how I can turn that into a 5 minute video.  T is supposed to show me how to use a video editing software package that I can use to put this all together.  I need to see what happened to our one camera so that I can hopefully get some stuff recorded over the weekend.  When I get it all done I’ll post it here so y’all can see it.

Sorry things have been spotty lately.  We’re busier at work that I think we’ve ever been.  I know for sure I’m taking more appointments than I ever have before, and I think we’ve got more classes scheduled this semester than ever before.  We really need to hire another person, and there’s been talk of that, but nothing ever seems to happen.  Bureaucratic red tape – gotta love it.