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I have bronchitis and a fever, which means it’s still contagious.  Which means I’ve been doing the right thing by staying home from work all week.  I talked to my boss on the way home from my appointment and she actually thanked me.  No one likes to get bronchitis.

So he called out Rxs for an antibiotic (the only one I can take) and a cough suppressant.  He also said I could eat honey off a spoon to soothe my throat.  And as long as I have the fever, I stay home and away from people.  I have a note for going back on Monday, however he said if I’m still running the fever or aching Monday morning, I need to call the office as soon as they open and haul my ass in pronto.  By that time the antibiotic should have done at least something.

And of course today is the first day I have any kind of energy.  I’m thinking perhaps I’ll do just a few chores and possibly my homework.  The icky thing right now is that I can feel the fever and the body aches are pretty bad, my back in particular.  I’m just really tired of being tired and taking it easy.