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I didn’t manage to get any work done on my project yesterday.  I was busy from right after the time I posted until I walked about the door.  And then when I got home Josh was being a douche.  He’d been talking all day about having sex and then when I got there he kept saying it was up to me and seeming entirely disinterested.  He just can’t even say the words “let’s have sex” – it’s like it embarrasses him or something, especially when we talk at lunch.  Apparently one his friends likes to hang out by his car and for some reason Josh doesn’t want anyone to know he enjoys having sex with his wife.  Nice.

Mom and I are going out tonight, just us girls.  She has season tickets to the community theater and Les Miserables opens tonight.  She usually goes with her girlfriend, but I guess she’s out of town.  Les Mis is one of my favorite musicals so I was thrilled when Mom asked me to go with her.

I’m not thrilled about the brat coming this weekend.  I’ve still got quite a bit to get done for this project and there’s always a ton of chores to do on the weekend.  Josh is really good about helping with the stuff during the week, but when she gets there it’s like he just kind of forgets.  What I’m really hoping is that she isn’t sick again.  Actually, I’ve pretty well decided that if she bitches about not feeling good at all I’m going to tell her to pack up her shit and then take her ass straight back home.  I’ve felt like dirt for damn near two solid weeks now because of that walking little germ factory – I am NOT going through that again.

I leave you with a funny.  Fridays should have some funny in them, don’t you agree?