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I got home, he got home, I verbally smacked him around for awhile, everything was fine.  I told him that if there’s something he wants, he really needs to just ask.  I pretty well don’t think about sex anymore.  I like having it still, I just don’t get all worked up like I used to.  He said he would.  And then he did yesterday.  Maybe he’s trainable afterall.

The brat was indeed sick.  Still sick, I should say.  Apparently she’s been sick since she came over last time but the ex hadn’t bothered to take her to see the doc because she wasn’t running a fever.  I voiced extreme displeasure to Josh.  Extreme.  If I get sick again, I’ll be calling that bitch and telling her to keep that rotten child away from me.

All she did this weekend was lay on the couch and watch tv, so I know she didn’t feel good.  But there isn’t a damn thing I can do about that.  Her mother is a fucking loser.

And now the kid doesn’t want to bathe.  Apparently she pushes this at home – she’s just too damn lazy to take a shower.  I’ve told Josh I will not be taking her out in public if she doesn’t.  Her hair is pretty nasty looking as it is, but after she’s slept on it she looks like a dirty Q-tip.  It’s horrific.

The show Friday night was great.  Mom’s seats are 7 rows back from the orchestra, right in the middle.  Totally awesome.  And Josh managed to behave himself, which was also awesome.

I got my project done yesterday, and I think it turned out pretty good.  This is the final version.

Oh – quite possibly the best news from the weekend – I got to sit down and knit for a few minutes.  Nothing exciting, just a new wash cloth, and I didn’t make a whole lot of progress, but I did remember how to do it which was part of the concern for me.  Hopefully by the end of the week.