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I’ve been going pretty well non-stop since I got here this morning.  I actually got up mostly on time and was only maybe 5 minutes late.  I spent a few minutes talking to K – bitching really – and then dove right in.  My boss came in late, screwed around for awhile, and then went to the student center for a jewelry sale.  For another 30 minutes.  K and I stayed in our offices and worked.

Good ol’ Kyle continues to be a pain in the ass.  He’s convinced he knows more than me about what’s going on.  He’d sent an email late yesterday saying that the one operating system evidently wasn’t the problem.  Today he’s changed his mind.  And now at least one of his students is having trouble on a Mac.  I’m doing what I can to resolve this, but the files came from a faculty member who isn’t here anymore and were packaged in such a way that if they really aren’t going to work, there ain’t a fucking thing I can do about it.  Guess you should have spent some time working on this class over the summer instead of being a beach bum in California all summer, eh Kyle?

We’re still having issues with T.  He’s being secretive again, spending an ungodly amount of time prepping for classes he’s taught numerous times, and not lining up coverage for his other office responsibilities while he’s scheduled to teach.  My boss keeps saying that if K and I just do this one other thing to document what’s going on, she’ll “take care of him” – but nothing actually happens.

I’m tired, which is kind of odd, I think anyway.  I slept really good last night.  The weather the last several days has been pleasantly cool – getting no warmer than 80 during the day and cooling off into the mid 50s at night – and we’ve been leaving the house open.  Last night I actually left the bottom part of my pjs on and at some point wrestled a little of the blanket away from Josh.  But I slept like a baby, it was heavenly.  I think I’m just tired today because I’ve been so busy here and I haven’t had a whole lot of time for the eating of the food.

Anyone else notice that it’s been awhile now since I’ve felt compelled to talk about my mental health?  Yeah, weird, right?  I feel like most of the time I’m at a place where the stress isn’t unreasonable, the moods are mostly stable, and I’m not having to think about it too overly much.  It’s really kind of nice, this place.

I know that as the seasons change again, and the time changes, things with my mind and moods will start to change again, too.  I’m hoping that my meds stay fairly the same and that I don’t end up having too many problems with the darker days.  As always, I’ll do my best to stay on top of all this.

Mom is talking about taking a little road trip to visit some of the apple orchards about an hour south of here this Saturday.  There should be some nice little places to shop, and probably a good restaurant or two.  I’m looking forward to it.

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