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I think I’ve mentioned that my mom has been on a kick to find the “perfect” Moscato wine.  She likes sweet wines, but can usually only drink about a glass out of the whole bottle.  Anymore I can’t even drink that much.  I’ve tried convincing Josh that wine really can be put back in the fridge to be enjoyed another day, but he usually doesn’t go for that.  So we keep these tasting events to the weekends and rarely does it happen both Friday and Saturday night.

Josh has been acting weird lately.  He ran out of his testosterone gel and didn’t tell me – because he doesn’t think it does anything.  We haven’t had sex for a few days so I don’t know if it’s impacting that yet, but he has been moody like a PMSing woman.  Friday it was really bad.  He and Mom had some wine, we watched some tv, I went to bed.

Yesterday we got up and decided we’d just run errands.  We had breakfast, hit the farmer’s market, went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond and got him some coffee pods, over to Kohl’s for a sweatshirt for Mom and some new clothes for Josh, Culver’s for lunch…  The whole day was full of that kind of stuff.  When we got home Josh ran back out to get Melatonin since we were out.  Mom and I were cleaning up some stuff in the back yard and found an empty wine bottle that shouldn’t have been there.

When Josh got home I setup a situation so that I could “find it” again in front of him.  He refused to apologize and insisted it wasn’t a big deal.  He well and truly doesn’t get that if he go back to drinking every night, I will throw his ass out so hard and fast that he bounces to the curb.

He still wouldn’t really talk to me last night.  He’s just convinced that I treat him like a child and I’m trying to control his life.  Hmm, if you act like you’re only 12, I’m going to fucking treat you like you’re only 12.

I went to bed around 9:30.  He said he was going up for one last cigarette – which is pretty typical.  I woke up at 11:15 and he was gone – still or again, I didn’t know.  I went to the back porch and he was sitting in the chair looking at something on his Nook and smoking.  There were no cups next to him, so I didn’t say anything and just came back in.  When he got down here, he was all over me – just like he’d be if he was drunk.

He’s still sleeping.  I’m not really sure what to do.