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I’m tired, but that seems to be pretty typical anymore.  I suspect that it’s due in part to the shorter days.  I should probably start using my sun lamp again.

K has apparently known about the “equity” issues since they hired her.  She has always thought it grossly unfair, but she felt incapable of doing anything about it.  It would seem that now she and I are in this mess together.  It’s good to have an ally.

The Toad remains a colossal asshat.  He put together and ran off a flyer without getting approval and it’s terrible.  I also keep hearing from more and more people about how poor his service is.  I told my boss about this when I saw her this morning.  Her response was that he had requested to take tomorrow off and she denied it – that’s how she’s punishing him.  HELLO???  She’s off already and K is off so if she’d have approved it, I’d have been the only one here and I leave at 3 on Fridays.  Punishment?  For fuck sake, whatever.

I spent this morning getting things which are supposed to be approved by her done so that I can send them out next week while she’s gone.  I’m really rather looking forward to that.  I ought to get lots of stuff done.

Josh has been mostly reasonable lately.  He’s starting to harass me about bedroom time again, which I’m really just not interested in.  By the time I get home I generally hurt and all I really want to do is be left alone.

I’m not sure what he intends to do with the brat this weekend.  I have more homework than usual to deal with, so I’m thinking that’s my out.  I need to start evaluating Adobe Edge Animate – which sounds totally awesome.  Perhaps I shall come up with a little something to share with y’all.

I’m glad you liked seeing the pic of my fluffy little girl.  She’s getting older and I’m starting to worry that she won’t be with me much longer.  And she’s starting to get a little skinny.  She still seems to jump ok, and she purrs like a little motor boat when she’s happy, but she’s kind of bony.  And she was my dad’s kitty, so that makes it even harder to think about losing her.

Tomorrow afternoon I see shrinky-poo.  I don’t think anything major will happen, it’s just a routine check up.  Things seem to be running really quite smoothly on the mental health front, which is wonderful.  People who have never dealt with mental illness can’t quite appreciate how nice it is to not constantly feel like a slave to a broken brain.