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Met with shrinky-poo this morning.  My answers to all of her routine questions lead her to the proclamation that I am as normal as I’ll probably ever be.  I’ll see her again at the end of January.


Still busy as a one-armed paper hanger.  Josh is still finding ways to simultaneously piss me off and then amaze me with his kindness.  He’s a boy, what can I say.

The weekend visit with the kid was the best we’ve had in absolute ages.  She and I actually had some conversations that were good, we did some dumb things at home, and she tried her hand at a craft that still kind of eludes me and did a phenomenal job.

I have been assured that my raise will be on the check at the end of this month AND they got it retroactive back to October 1 – which is awesome considering christmas is next month.

I haven’t had a free 5 minutes to read blogs lately and that just kills me.  I miss reading about what’s going on with y’all almost as much as I miss writing to you about what’s going on in my life.  But there is still a ton of stuff going on and with the holiday next week it may well get worse.  This time of year is hard for my family – this is when Dad got ill – and Mom and I both are having to deal with our own medical issues that take place in the same hospital he was in.  But we’re both tough cookies and I have no doubt that we’ll get through.

I leave you with a visual from this weekend that may cause you to run for the eye bleach.  I present J-Funk Mandala, the hippest hipster to ever hip.