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Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers!  Happy Thursday to the rest of y’all.  🙂

It’s been a crazy week of “vacation.”  Do you ever really get a vacation as an adult?  I mean, you can get time away from work – but then there’s almost always stuff you’re needing to do at home.  And if you actually have money to travel somewhere, chances are you’re with someone who will completely get on your nerves by the time the trip is over.  No, I think vacations are really the realm of small people.

At any rate, my paper is nearly done.  I think at least 90% of the actual writing is done, I really just need to take a few bits and make them visual.  This is too text-heavy for my liking and these last bits are basically lists.  *yawn*  Anyway, I’m hoping to finish tomorrow so that I can start working on my presentation – which I have to give on Monday.  She said it’s “anything goes” for the presentations up to and including just getting up and talking, so I’m not overly worried.  I would like to make a totally killer presentation though, just because I have mad skillz, yo.

Mom had her special x-ray thing done yesterday and it was totally fine.  Well, hanging out in the waiting room with the unpleasant family where the small girl screamed the entire time at her brother and the dad ignored both of them pretty well sucked donkey dick, but Mom’s test came back fine.  The doc that was doing it couldn’t tell her what the specialist guy would for sure say, but he said that he suspects her tonsils will be coming out as they also saw how freakishly large they are.  And that’s kind of funny – my tonsils never really bothered me but my GP noticed when I went in for something else that they were big, sent to a specialist, she said they were huge, and I had them out 2 weeks later.

I don’t know how y’all feel about second-hand clothes, but I happen to love them.  Sadly, finding stuff in my size at the thrift shops isn’t easy.  Josh usually has better luck, but he’s kind of a big guy and the selection for him isn’t always great either.  However, my brother in law – who has too much money and loves clothes more than most women – is the same size as Josh, and he cleaned out part of his closet the other day.  Mom brought home THREE full size garbage bags full of nothing but shirts and light jackets.  We sorted through it, Josh tried on stuff, and we added a quite sizable chunk to his winter wardrobe.  And then we went through our clothes to see what we didn’t need anymore.  Some of what Josh didn’t want will go to work with him so that the guys there can see if there’s something they can use.  The rest will go to the thrift shop up the street so that hopefully someone else can make use of it.

So I mentioned the other day that I’m going to start trying to lose a little weight.  Merbear and I are contemplating doing some kind of “bloggers biggest loser” something or other – possibly with teams, possibly with prizes – who knows at this point.  At any rate, is anyone else out there interested in jumping on this crazy train?  We wouldn’t start until Jan 1 so we have a little time to think about this and plan.  Just let me know what you think.