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Holy fucking flying squirrels wearing capes over their jet packs – what a week.  And it’s not over yet.  We get the kid today, and she wanted my nieces to come over and craft.  So they are.  And Evie is still chewing her legs.  And it looks like christmas threw up in here (Mom’s words, not mine).  And I still have to finish both my paper (due 12/9) and my presentation (have to give it Monday) and I couldn’t open the file my prof sent me with the comments for my paper because she’s using some weird word processor.

And yet – I’m not really stressing about any of it.

The girls coming today is not a sleepover.  The kid will stay the night because it’s her weekend, but that’s no big deal.  It’s when we get all 3 of them staying the night that it gets just a little too interesting for me.  So they’ll come hang out, everyone should have a good time, and then they’ll head back home.  I’m actually looking forward to it.

look at my naked legs

look at my naked legs

I took Evie to the vet yesterday afternoon to try to find out what the fuck is going on.  She had seemed to stop the chewing for awhile and the fur is actually starting to grow back, but then yesterday morning I noticed that she’s got way more skin exposed and there are areas where it’s bloody.  She’s lost 3 more ounces.  The vet drew blood and we’re hoping to get the results by Monday afternoon at the latest, maybe as early as today.  She checked pretty much everything, just to be safe.  Her thought at this point is that it’s something to do with her digestive system since she is eating but still losing weight.  We talked about what some of the options would be depending on what the results are.  She seems to feel that the prognosis should be very reasonable.  I hope so.

Mom's tree

Mom’s tree

This is the first time since I moved back into this house that Mom has been able to put up her big tree.  She seems pleased.  Evie also pleased as she likes sleeping under it.  There are also stained glass snowflakes hanging in the windows, Mom’s nativity scene is in the living room, there’s evergreen/poinsettia garland along the bottoms of the handrails, the ceramic tree is in the entry area, and there are assorted other bits scattered around.  Christmas is – by far – Mom’s favorite holiday.  I’m just happy to help make her happy.

There’s still a fuck-ton of stuff to get done.  I managed to get most of the laundry done yesterday and folded, but I didn’t get it put away.  I also need to pay bills, make some of effort to clean up my desk, rearrange a bit in the closet, clean the bathrooms, and get Josh’s tax bullshit done – seeing as he’s completely incapable of doing a single fucking thing for himself.  He told me YESTERDAY that it needs to be sent out TODAY.  He’s had this shit for weeks.  I sat there yesterday morning and made my huge ass “to do” list, he read it, said it was good and he’d help and then later – when I wasn’t fucking looking – he snuck that shit at the bottom.  Fucking bastard.

Anyway, better get to it.  So much to do, only so many places to hide the bodies…